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We are going to focus a lot more on subtitles and dubs so that language is not a barrier, says Bhardwaj

Lionsgate India’s Anushree Bhardwaj on the focus on theatricals and marketing strategies – Brand Wagon News

As the market gets crowded, getting consumers to try one product gets increasingly difficult due to a plethora of choices. Additionally, the technology revolution in India has witnessed OTT players bundling with telcos in order to reach more users. With players like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar present in English entertainment, Lionsgate India claims to have…

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AI can play a role in optimising marketing campaigns

Affiliate marketing: brands pay for results, not clicks! – Brand Wagon News

By Kamil Khan Affiliate marketing distinguishes itself in the dynamic realm of digital marketing due to its performance-driven method. As e-commerce and digital consumption persist to grow, brands have accepted the effectiveness of this strategy in forging sales and reaching potential customers. Unlike traditional ad models concentrating on impressions or clicks, affiliate marketing stresses results.…

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One of the KPIs of performance marketing is to drive more traffic to the website, app or a mix of social media channels

Tips and tricks for effective performance marketing campaigns – Brand Wagon News

By Ramashish Bhowmik With the rise of digitisation, brands are increasingly shifting towards unparalleled marketing strategies as an effective tactic to solidify their position as market leaders. Emerging as the beacon of prowess for businesses to accomplish their marketing objectives- performance marketing has completely altered the foundations of successful marketing. From seasoned marketers to entrepreneurs,…

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