Ken and Maria Elena
Ken and Maria Elena

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Affiliate Marketing Programs | ClickBank – cbomo.com is created and managed by Ken & Maria Redmond of El Paso, TX.

We began helping others have Affiliate Success in 1986. As the years passed, we have witness and explored countless online marketing programs. All promising monetary success accompanied with lavish transformation of every client’s lifestyle.

We have invested lots of money, and spent countless long hours trying every program and scheme touted by self-proclaimed ‘internet gurus’…. Yes, we have lost of bunch of money and wasted of lot of time and effort tying to follow the guru’s advice….

And yes, we have also enjoyed much success with online Affiliate Marketing Programs. We have enjoyed so much success, we were able to RETIRE completely in 1998! Today we are reaping all the fruits of our labor….

As you can see from our Affiliate Marketing Programs website at CBOMO.COM (ClickBank Online Money Opportunities), we are still actively helping other – like you – become successful with their own Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Thru the years there is only 1 Affiliate Marketing Program that works and keeps on giving – year after year…. CLICKBANK!!!

Our website cbomo.com is chuck full of success proven programs just waiting for you to promote in your own online business. Explore our website and learn every trick of the trade. Perhaps you too can enjoy a fantastic early retirement — just like we do!


Ken and Maria Elena


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