CFT Token will achieve long-term sustainable growth through community building and marketing strategies

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Markham, ON, March 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CFund Capital is committed to providing investors with stable, secure, and long-term growth potential in cryptocurrency. However, for many investors in the vast sea of cryptocurrencies, finding reliable, secure, and long-term growth potential tokens is not easy. Therefore, community development and CFT token marketing strategies are essential safeguards for the CFT token, which is expected to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

The CFT token is a deflationary token with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, of which 10% are held by the CFT Foundation, and the remaining 90% are used for airdrops and mining rewards. The token’s economic model shows that airdrops and mining rewards will account for 90% of the token supply, but these tokens will be regularly repurchased and destroyed to maintain a constant total supply of 100 million tokens. This deflationary token design will help increase the token’s value. Additionally, the CFT token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, with the security and decentralization advantages of blockchain technology. Users holding CFT tokens will have the right to participate in the platform’s decision-making and governance, helping to build an active community and increase token sustainability.

CFund Capital aims to ensure its long-term sustainable growth through community development and strategic marketing of the CFT token, which is also its commitment to providing investors with reliable, secure, and long-term growth potential digital assets. In the token economics design of the CFT token, the deflationary mechanism is an important feature, while community development and marketing strategies are key factors supporting its stable growth.

Community Building and Marketing Strategy for CFT Token

CFund is committed to building a strong community for CFT Token and promoting it through strategic marketing. To achieve this goal, CFund will take the following measures:

1.Community Building

CFund will actively participate in and organize various community activities, such as AMA (Ask Me Anything), offline gatherings, and social media activities, to promote interaction and connection with the community. Community members will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, provide suggestions, and learn about the latest developments of the token. This will help strengthen the cohesion of the community and increase user engagement.

2.Rewards Program

CFund will launch various rewards programs to encourage community members to actively participate and contribute. For example, CFund will provide CFT Token airdrops and rewards to community members to encourage them to participate in community activities, provide suggestions, and share information. In addition, CFund will also launch various competitions and events to increase community participation and interaction.

Promotion Strategy for CFT Token

To increase the visibility and attractiveness of CFT token, CFund will take the following promotion strategies:

1.Social Media Promotion

CFund will regularly publish information on the latest developments, community activities, and reward programs of CFT token through various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc. to attract more users to join the community.

2.Listing on Exchanges

CFund will strive to list CFT token on major and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx, etc. to expand the token’s market and user base, and increase its liquidity and value.


CFund will actively establish partnerships with other blockchain projects and companies to expand the application scenarios and user base of CFT token. For example, CFund will collaborate with DApp developers and blockchain game companies to apply CFT token to these projects and attract more users to join the CFT community.

4.Ambassador Program

CFund will launch the CFT token ambassador program to attract more community enthusiasts and blockchain practitioners to participate in the CFT community. Through their promotion and guidance, the program will increase the visibility and influence of CFT token.

CFund Capital believes that community building and marketing strategies are key to driving sustainable growth of CFT token in the long term. In establishing long-term and stable partnerships with investors, community building will play an important role, while marketing strategies will increase the visibility and liquidity of CFT token. These measures will be continuously optimized and improved to achieve long-term sustainable growth of CFT token and create greater value for investors.

For more information about CFund, please visit the CFund website ( and the official CFund Twitter account (@CFundCC).

About CFund

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