Police reveal the truth about Scottie Morris’ T-shirt after outcry over ‘liar’ top

Police reveal the truth about Scottie Morris’ T-shirt after outcry over ‘liar’ top

AS the search for a missing teen continues, police are speaking out about a particular piece of clothing the child was seen wearing.

Scottie Morris, 14, has been missing since last Thursday after he left his family’s home in Eaton, Indiana around 8.30pm.

Police explain the reason behind Scottie Morris' 'disturbing' t-shirt


Police explain the reason behind Scottie Morris’ ‘disturbing’ t-shirtCredit: Twitter/901Lulu
Scottie was last seen leaving his home last Thursday night


Scottie was last seen leaving his home last Thursday nightCredit: Eaton Indiana Police

In just a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and tennis shoes, Scottie ventured out into the cold night, launching an extensive search.

“Our main point right now is finding Scottie,” said Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner.

He added that the small town had been searched several times but Scottie is nowhere to be found.

“We’ve done everything investigatory we could do,” said Turner.

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“To search anything else would kind of be redundant because we’ve searched everything more than twice.”

Meanwhile, concern and confusion were sparked online after the Eaton Police Department announced Scottie’s disappearance on their Facebook page.

The department used a photo of a seemingly tearful Scottie with a shaved head and t-shirt that had the phrases, “I’m a liar” and “I hurt my brother,” written in black marker.

According to Turner, Scottie’s parents forced him to wear the shirt as punishment.

“I will say, the shaved head was his idea, they went to Great Clips and it’s what he told them he wanted,” said Turner.

“But, the shirt, it was quite unorthodox, kind of disturbing and we’re looking into that.”

The post has since been deleted but it didn’t stop outrage and speculation on social media, said Turner.

He added that Scottie’s parents are heartbroken and are asking people to respect their privacy.

“They were beat up pretty bad on social media and right now, they’ve cooperated the entire time with us,” said Turner.

Chynia Cain, 24, who has been organizing candlelight vigils for Scottie at her local church, told The U.S. Sun there is no time for further speculation or ridicule while Scottie’s whereabouts remain unknown.

“I don’t why he was wearing [the t-shirt] but my statement on it is, whether or not it was a form of parenting, as a parent […] there’s always a time that you may make a mistake,” said Cain.

“There’s always a time you may discipline in a way that you never expected you would ever have to do.

“And I look at it and I’m thinking of John 8:8: ‘the man without sin can cast the first stone.’

“I’m not here to judge, I’m not here to look at that and think of anything other than the fact this boy needs to be found.

“That’s all that matters at the moment.”

The Eaton Police Department is working with state officers on the next steps to take in the search for Scottie, said Turner.

He hopes Scottie will see the concern and support he has from the community.

“You’re not in trouble,” said Turner. “We want to help you. Just please contact us.”


There’s a “dire” urgency to find Scottie as soon as possible, Cain says, as the boy left home in inadequate clothing to cope with the cold weather currently afflicting the Eaton area.

“It’s dire,” she reiterated.

“On Saturday a lot of us woke up with snow and the ground and that was really hard to see, knowing we hadn’t found him yet.

“We he left home, he was in a white t-shirt and black and red basketball shorts.

“I’m just praying to God that he’s covered up and he’s got as many layers on as possible, or he’s warm in someone’s home somewhere.”

Police urged local residents with doorbell cams or security cameras to check their footage in a Facebook post on Sunday.

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Scottie is described as five feet four inches tall, weighing 150 lbs with short brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on Scottie’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Eaton Police Department at (765)-396-3297.

The boy's parents made him wear the shirt as a form of punishment, said police


The boy’s parents made him wear the shirt as a form of punishment, said policeCredit: YouTube/WTHR

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