I’m a shredded bodybuilder at 61 – Fans say I’ve ‘still got it’ but my wife’s strength puts ‘many men to shame’

I'm a shredded bodybuilder at 61 - Fans say I've 'still got it' but my wife's strength puts 'many men to shame'


A SIX-TIME Mr. Olympia champion has revealed the incredible physique that he is still rocking at 61.

Fans were obsessed with Dorian Yates’s latest workout video and said he is still the greatest of all time – until they saw how ripped his wife is.

Fans were obsessed with six-time Mr. Olympia champ Dorian Yates's strength, until they saw his wife


Fans were obsessed with six-time Mr. Olympia champ Dorian Yates’s strength, until they saw his wifeCredit: Instagram/thedorianyates
The bodybuilder's better half shocked fans were her impressive leg strength


The bodybuilder’s better half shocked fans were her impressive leg strengthCredit: Instagram/thedorianyates
Dorian and Gal post tons of


Dorian and Gal post tons ofCredit: Instagram/thedorianyates

The bodybuilder shared a video of himself in the gym doing hamstring curls on a machine and shocked fans with his strength.

Sporting short shorts and a baggy t-shirt, Yates lay on the machine and flexed his impressive leg muscles that look just like they did in his prime.

In the caption, he gave a few tips on how to most effectively do the exercise, and wrote: “Yes I still do weights.”

“My goal now is to maintain my muscle mass and strength going forward whilst also working on other aspects of health and wellness.”

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People were obsessed with his strength at an advanced age with one user saying he “still got better hamstrings than me.”

“Still got it man,” another fan said.

And a third delighted fan said that he was a “living legend.”

While the bodybuilder’s strength earned plenty of praise, it was nothing compared to the comments his wife received.

Dorian’s wife Gal Yates was recorded pushing some heavy weight on the leg extensions machine.

Gal gasps for breath in between reps but bares down and keeps going during the impressive show of strength.

She looked so good on the machine, one commenter said that she “puts many men to shame” with a laughing emoji.

Another wrote, “180 pounds for leg extension is no joke.”

Several people said they were impressed that the two could train together and deemed them “couple goals.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” a fan said.

Gal Yates is an International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation world champion, according to her Instagram.

She often posts incredible pictures of her insane physique and videos of her workout routine.

Nicknamed The Shadow, Yates was known for avoiding the limelight while he pushed himself to his limits in the gym, Fitness Volt reported.

Instead of doing a fixed number of sets and reps, Yates would push himself to failure in almost every workout.

The nontraditional technique paid off, as the bodybuilder dominated Mr. Olympia and won the title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997.

He is widely considered to be one of the most influential bodybuilders of the “Golden Era,” and was celebrated for his inhumanly wide and shredded back.

It’s actually insane how successful you were in transforming from a mass monster into a nice strong physique that’ll be sustainable for the rest of your life. Inspiring as hell,” someone else wrote on the waterfall post.

Born in West Midlands, England, in 1962, Yates was raised in a rural farming community, according to his IMDB.

When he was a teen, his family moved to the city of Birmingham where he began to get into trouble.

He even was sentenced to six months at a youth detention center while he was getting in trouble with friends at the beginning of the 80s.

Eventually, the man turned to powerlifting and was amazed at how quickly he packed on muscle.

It didn’t take long for him to assert himself as the strongest guy in the detention center, which instilled confidence and satisfaction in himself.

After serving his six-month sentence, he vowed that he would never be back.

Yates clearly adopted a discipline and work ethic that isn’t going anywhere soon, and he continues to post fitness tips and motivation on his social media.

He shared one nine-year comparison to show off how much progress he made from 1983 to 1992.

“A LOT of hard work, trial & error, sacrifice and commitment took place in between these pics,” he wrote in the caption.

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“It was a long journey, made with small steps and everyday was a competition!

“I was finally able to reap the rewards… of course, the journey didn’t end there.”


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