GMA’s Robin Roberts insists ‘I’m not trying to be sexy’ to Sam Champion as meteorologist mocks sultry detail about host


GMA’s Robin Roberts has stressed to Sam Champion that her “sultry” voice was the result of allergies on Monday’s weather segment.

Robin joked around with Sam on Monday morning, speaking in a raspy voice as a result of her allergies.

GMA's Robin Roberts had a raspy voice on Monday as the result of allergies


GMA’s Robin Roberts had a raspy voice on Monday as the result of allergiesCredit: ABC
She joked with Sam Champion that she was not trying to be sexy, she just had allergies


She joked with Sam Champion that she was not trying to be sexy, she just had allergiesCredit: ABC

“I’m not trying to be sexy, Sam,” Robin joked while chatting with Sam live on air.

“But these allergies…oh my goodness!” Robin said while talking about how much they affect her.

Sam couldn’t help himself when joking with Robin.

“You were doing a little ‘hey’,” Sam quipped, mimicking Robin as though she were using a sultry voice.

GMA star Robin missing from morning show and replaced by fill-in host
GMA’s Robin begs for a ‘re-do’ after suffering on-air blunder

Robin also mentioned her allergies and had a similar voice during her chat with her Glam Fam that morning.

She captioned her morning message video: “Good morning! #GlamFam & I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Not going to let a bout with my allergies keep me from sharing a little #MondayMotivation with you. #cmon”

Fans chimed in with support for Robin as they also dealt with allergies.

One wrote: “Totally understand as I have allergies, too!”

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Another commented: “I share this pain this morning…ooof.”

A third wrote: “I hope you feel better soon!”


Meanwhile, Robin missed the morning show on Friday after celebrating “Friday eve” during her Thursday morning message.

On Thursday, Robin took to Twitter to share a message with her Glam Fam.

She captioned her video: “Good morning! #GlamFam & I are having one of those mornings! We can’t wait for you to share what you’re most grateful for on this #ThankfulThursday #HappyFridayEve #cmon.”

She began her video: “Good morning, Glam Fam! Day 3, it’s one of those mornings again! How about a little David and Goliath?” Robin asked at the beginning of her daily Morning Message segment.

She shared a parable about David and Goliath and said: “When you have the right motives in life, God will take your slingshot and cause you to defeat a giant.”

She then asked everyone what they were most grateful for on #ThankfulThursday.

Sweet Amber, who was with Robin, said she was going to be grateful on this “Friday Eve”.

Robin joked with viewers to be grateful that they didn’t have to do a “take 3”, referring to a foul-up she recently experienced on GMA.

Then, she didn’t show up on set the next day.

She was replaced by a different host on Friday instead.


Previously, Robin suffered an on-air blunder and found herself begging for a re-do.

On Wednesday morning, Robin reported on car thefts and how the police are taking care of them, but she barely managed to make it through the segment.

“Cities are cracking down on car thefts. What police are handing out for free,” she began. But then her words escaped her.

“They could have been handing. Could have held. Heading, heading, heading elsewhere,” Robin stuttered.

The GMA host laughed before moving on to the next topic.

“And the tiny tweaks to your resume. I am glad I don’t have to send out a resume right now,” she said, as co-host, Sam Champion cracked up.

Robin told the viewers that Chris Pratt was going to be in the studio talking about his new movie before she asked for a re-do.

“Can we do, re-do? Can we do a re-do?” Robin asked the producers.

The clip then showed a split screen between Robin and Sam as he told the anchor that he was “so with her today.”

“I still think that even if you’re at 60 percent, Robin, you’re better than most people’s 100 percent,” he told her.

“Oh, well I appreciate that you put me at 60 because – ” she didn’t finish her sentence as she shook her head.

Robin called Sam her trial balloon, so she would be ready for the rest of the day.


Last Friday, Robin spoke about facing more difficulties in a video.

The 62-year-old was noticeably absent from the program last week as she was filming a segment in Mississippi.

As she returned to the ABC studios on Thursday, Robin decided to treat her fans to a motivational message as well as a prayer.

Standing in her dressing room with her self-titled “Glam Fam,” Robin was dressed in a pair of checked trousers and a chic black blouse as she addressed her 838,000 Instagram followers.

“Good morning! Take three, yes it is one of those mornings!” Robin began.

“We had a travel day back from Mississippi and we were so happy to be there in Rolling Fork.

“And thank you our viewers for how you have responded, and here we go with the morning message and prayer,” Robin continued.

“We all face difficulties that don’t look like they’re ever going to change.

“It may seem that their size and it’s not improving, so it’s easy to live discouraged and accept that it’s going to take years to get well, years to get out of debt, or years to meet the right person.

“But don’t be fooled by what you see because the trouble is only temporary, the problem will be over.”

She added: “Soon you’re gonna see breakthroughs, soon you’re going to see freedom, promotion, problems suddenly resolved, dreams suddenly come to pass.

“As we like to say, ‘Get ready for your suddenly,'” Robin told her fans before she read out a short prayer.

Robin’s fans were delighted to see her delivering her daily message and took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Wow! I didn’t think you’d be here today. How blessed we are! Thank you for this message! I receive and claim this message! I just stand in gratefulness. Thank you Robin and the team. Be well and stay safe,” one wrote.

Another said: “Morning @robinrobertsgma glad you are back!!” and a third person commented: “Good morning Great job. report in a mississippi Hope you have the best day you and your team.”

A fourth said: “Welcome back. We missed you,” and a fifth person added: “Good morning Robin and Glam fam have a wonderful blessed day.”


Last Wednesday, Robin asked Sam to “hook her up” with a fun coffee cup after he shared it to social media.

Sam shared a photo of himself to Twitter holding a mug with a rainbow-hued New York on it.

The imagery is in support of the LGBTQ+ community, as Sam is a member of it himself.

He posed in the newsroom with a sly grin and looked into the camera for his selfie.

Sam captioned his photo: “Good morning #bringcoffee…there is an early chill.”

Co-host Robin saw the tweet and chimed in with a response.

Robin tweeted back: “I want that coffee mug…hook me up Sam!”

The GMA host is also part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sam actually did take Robin to heart and was going to order one for her, but couldn’t.

It turned out that the mug was part of a special line that wasn’t available to purchase anymore.

“So I just went to order you one on @Macys… @PfaltzGraffDish made it for macys…they don’t make it anymore,” he explained.

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Robin wasn’t deterred, though.

She replied: “Is that your way of saying you’re gonna give me yours?! Just kidding, you’ll get far more use than I will with the amount of coffee you drink.#bringcoffee.”

Sam jokingly mocked Robin's voice as he chatted with her ahead of his weather segment


Sam jokingly mocked Robin’s voice as he chatted with her ahead of his weather segmentCredit: ABC
Robin also mentioned allergies were bringing her down when she did the day's Morning Message


Robin also mentioned allergies were bringing her down when she did the day’s Morning MessageCredit: Getty Images
She shared that her allergies were bugging her with her Glam Fam


She shared that her allergies were bugging her with her Glam FamCredit: Getty Images


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