Amazon asks employees to work from office 3 days a week with hope to boost business

Amazon asks employees to work from office 3 days a week with hope to boost business

New Delhi,UPDATED: Feb 19, 2023 12:52 IST

By Divyanshi Sharma: Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has asked employees to return working from offices in hopes of providing a business boost for the company. The CEO, in an official blog post, highlighted some benefits of working from offices and wrote that employees should spend at least three days of the week in their respective offices. He also mentioned that he is ‘optimistic that this shift will provide a boost for the thousands of businesses located around their urban headquarter locations in the Puget Sound, Virginia, Nashville, and the dozens of cities around the world where their employees go to the office’.

Amazon asks employees to return to offices

All companies had shifted their operations online during the pandemic and work from home became the new normal. But now, as the world recovers, more and more companies are trying to end the work from home culture and are asking people to work from offices instead. Amazon is also doing the same and has announced the update via an official blog post.

“Because the pandemic lasted as long as it did, we were able to observe various models—some teams working exclusively from home, some in the office full-time together, and many flavors of hybrid—over a meaningful period of time. S-team listened to employees, watched how our teams performed, talked to leaders at other companies, and got together on several occasions to discuss if and how we should adjust our approach. The guiding principle in these conversations was to prioritize what would best enable us to make customers’ lives better and easier every day, and relentlessly invent to do so. Our respective views of what we thought was optimal evolved as the pandemic wore on and then eased,” the blog post reads.

It then goes on to highlight how working from office is more efficient as it enables people to collaborate better, learn from each other, connect better and so on.

The post then reveals that the company has come to a conclusion that the employees should go back to ‘being in the office together for majority of the time (at least three days per week)’.

“We made this decision at a s-team meeting earlier this week, and for a number of reasons (including the adjustments I know will be required for some of our employees), I wanted to share with you as early as I could even though we haven’t worked out all the execution details yet,” the CEO, Andy Jassy, writes in the blog post.

Layoffs at Amazon

Meanwhile, Amazon announced large-scale layoffs last month and slashed around 18,000 roles. As soon as the news was announced, people started sharing their stories on Twitter and LinkedIn. Reports had also surfaced that the company is on a cost-cutting spree and is planning to sell an empty office in California that was bought in October 2021.

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