Which ‘Succession’ Character Are You at Work and in the Office?

Which 'Succession' Character Are You at Work and in the Office?

After four seasons of power plays, sibling rivalry and sharped-tongue sarcasm, Succession fans are finally waving farewell to the Roy family. But just because we’re saying goodbye to Cousin Greg, it doesn’t mean we won’t see another naive and awkward recent graduate by the office water cooler.

Succession is rumored to be based on one famous media-conglomerate family — whose 92-year-old patriarch just announced his fifth engagement — but the characters of Succession might seem familiar to you in more ways than one.

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If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll recognize that each character represents a different archetype of leadership and teamwork, which we might see in our coworkers and bosses. Regardless of if you deal with an HR nightmare like Roman or aspire to have Shiv’s confidence, it’s hard to escape these Succession personalities in the workplace.

Ahead of the season four premiere hitting HBO on March 26, see which Succession character most closely matches your office personality and working style.

Logan Roy: The Authoritative General

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With a catchphrase like “f— off” Logan Roy’s leadership style needs no introduction. As the family patriarch and head of Waystar Royco, Logan leads with authority and expects those beneath him to be at his beck and call.

The media mastermind is always three steps ahead and doesn’t waste time getting to business, as we saw during the season three finale when he wasn’t down for chitchatting with Lukas Matsson.

Although Logan is aggressive and has a his-way-or-the-highway attitude, his background of solo entrepreneurship might influence why he doesn’t trust anyone but himself.

“What I love about Logan is he’s self-made. Unlike Trump, Murdoch and Conrad Black he did it all himself,” actor Brian Cox said of his character, per The Guardian. “He’s a misanthrope, he’s kind of unhappy, and his curse is he loves his children. If he didn’t love his children life would be a lot easier.”

Although there is something to be said about Logan’s strength and the power he has over others, his need for control and distrust of others are his fatal flaws.

Connor Roy: The Egotistical Shaman

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Fans have seen Connor Roy, Logan’s eldest son, play the role of the family peacekeeper. The rancher doesn’t sweat the small stuff and would likely be the neutral coworker during times of conflict.

Although Connor takes life day by day and has never had a real job, he’s always found himself at the top of the pyramid thanks to his birthright. Despite his typically laissez-faire attitude, he’ll never let you forget he is the eldest child and definitely has jealous tendencies.

Although Connor isn’t exactly down to earth, his relaxed managerial style would give his employees free rein. Connor the employee might not get much done, but he’d keep the peace in the office and be the first one to show up for happy-hour drinks.

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Kendall Roy: The Boardroom Vigilante

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Kendall Roy was once one of his father’s faithful soldiers, but he’s proved he isn’t afraid to step out of line.

We’ve seen Kendall acquiesce to his dad, and we’ve also seen him attempt to branch out on his own and lead his own team. However, he quickly learned he was in over his head, even if he couldn’t admit it to himself.

A Kendall-like employee might work the room in front of his bosses, but in reality, he’s the one organizing a union or secret revolt. This type of employee might think they can run the show better, but they don’t always have the chops to put their plan into action. They are also the type to be quite the virtue-signaler who advocates for the little guy, but whether their intentions are pure or not is up for debate.

Roman Roy: HR’s Most Wanted

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Just like on the show, Roman Roy is the guy that everyone in the office loves — except for HR. Roman’s lighthearted approach to life attracts others who could use some comic relief during that mid-day slump.

And although you can rely on him for a little tea or to keep it real with some office gossip, he secretly doesn’t loathe his job as much as he pretends to.

His coworkers know they can count on him for some sarcasm, but his dry humor makes him a red flag to HR and others who follow rules by the book. A Roman-like employee colors outside the lines, but we love them for it.

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Siobhan Roy: The Not-So-Goody Two Shoes

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When we first met Siobhan Roy, she was a political strategist, but she eventually gave in and joined the family business.

Shiv is calculated when it comes to making decisions, and she isn’t afraid to cheat a little to get what she wants. However, although Shiv presents herself with great confidence, her inner insecurities often get the better of her. She’s the coworker who seems buttoned up but will be the last one to leave happy hour.

Tom Wambsgans: Platinum Holder of the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

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Your office Tom Wambsgans is the guy you work with, but you don’t actually know what he does or what his role is — but you can probably assume he’s not doing what he’s supposed to.

Although Tom is your quintessential happy-go-lucky slacker, his tendencies never seem to catch up with him. Management appears to laugh off his mistakes, which others eventually have to pay the price for.

Tom can be just as fun as your office Roman, but his antics tend to rub people the wrong way.

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Cousin Greg: The Personality Hire (Who’s Still Finding Their Personality)

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In the workplace and out of it, we all know a Cousin Greg. Lost, confused and finding his place in the office and the world at large, your Cousin Greg is young and has a lot to learn.

This employee is probably HR’s one Gen Z hire, who they hoped would get the company TikTok off the ground — but Greg is too busy finding himself to put his best foot forward.

Gerri Kellman: The Back Seat Manager

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Although she isn’t a Roy, Logan’s righthand woman has proved to be the most levelheaded person in the family’s inner circle.

Gerri isn’t running the show, but she and everyone around her know she should be — and probably would do a better job with less drama. That being said, she also has the attitude of not my circus, not my monkeys, and often lays low even when she knows she’s ultimately right … about everything.

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