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It’s double trouble in the affiliate podcast this week. Lee-Ann is joined by not one but two key members of the Heylink team. Heylink is a tracking and automating technology platform born out of a love for the, and a thriving, affiliate marketing business.

You’re listening in to Alex Bogh, founder and CEO, and Simon Dichoe Thomassen, VP and Head of Product as they tell us about their insights having worked in affiliate marketing and going on to create Heylink.

Listen in for all the best information from the top.

The everyday problems of affiliate managing

As we’re sure you’ve noticed in the industry, affiliate managing is all about spinning plates. And an affiliate manager is going to have a lot of plates to spin. Each of those plates are also going to have their own issues that need to be dealt with. Heylink is designed to give solutions to those everyday nuisances of affiliate marketing.

As Simon explains: “So in a case where you need to manage, let’s say, a review site for vacuum cleaners and all tech in your home sort of thing. You can have hundreds of different webshops you’re linking to. That becomes kind of impossible to manage. If you do product feeds and stuff like that, you have some help.

“Product feeds on its own is an issue for many people as well. But managing the campaigns, the performance of all of these, it just makes it hard. So our system goes in and makes it possible to actually send traffic to the webshops that gives you the best commission.”

The difference between advertisers and publishers

It’s important to have clear and relevant goals when it comes to affiliate marketing. And the sweet thing is that a piece of content can acquire a lot of goals. A blog post is both reading material for the publication and marketing for the brand. But the difference in end goals is where Heylink comes in.

As Alex says: “When we have a big media house, the first thing they look at is, of course, how many readers do they have on this specific page? Then they look at how many are clicking on to one of the links they work with, and the last part is the conversion rate. How many users are actually acquiring a product that has been referred from one of these articles; and we see that the media companies, they’re mostly looking for having as high a clickthrough rate as possible, whereas the advertisers are looking more at the conversion rate. They want to execute as many sales as possible. So that’s two ways of looking at it, depending on whether you’re an advertiser or on publisher.”

Devaluing the media

With Heylink hearing both sides, of the advertisers and publishers, there is an often-overlooked insight in the concept of devaluing the media and it all comes down to a lack of transparency in the affiliate marketing space.

As Alex put it: “All the new tracking limitation that comes from regulation and a need for privacy definitely makes it more difficult for marketers to attribute the conversion and leads. And it makes it almost impossible for advertisers to know where they need to invest the marketing spend, therefore also decreasing the value of the publishers. So this is something we have seen being an issue for publishers, because it’s devaluing the media that they own.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • The ways that Heylink was developed to aid day-to-day problems
  • Clickthrough versus conversion rates
  • The importance of compliance in data tracking


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[5:00] – How Simon and Alex came to create Heylink

[15:00] – The potential for advertisers to devalue a media

[25:00] – The need for an affiliate management system

[35:00] – The need for data transparency between advertisers and publishers

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