Starting A Side Hustle – Knowing The Truth | Shane Lifeman

Starting A Side Hustle - Knowing The Truth | Shane Lifeman

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We have all seen the videos and have read the articles. They all claim the same thing. You can earn thousands in just 1 day, all you need to do is this. They then show some screenshots as proof of income to get you thinking that yes, what they are doing actually works. They also give you the impression that if you do what they say, right now, you could have this much money in your bank by tomorrow

I have been working side hustles now for over 15 years, and yes I have made money online. My main source of income comes from a side hustle that I started over 3 years ago on Amazon KDP. I also have several other side hustles on the go besides KDP

The fact of the matter is that, yes you can make a lot of money doing all types of side hustles, both online and offline. Now, this is what they don’t tell you.

The truth is, there is no real get-rich scheme, other than possibly winning the lottery. Everything that you do when it comes to trying to earn money, will take a lot of time and effort. A lot of the systems that the gurus showcase in these videos and articles. Most will generate some income, but it’s nothing near what the video or article states. The sad part is, a lot of these how-to-make-money videos by some YouTubers are geared towards one thing. Putting money into their own pocket. The truth is, most people will fail when they start a side hustle, and the reason is simple. They are not treating their choice of a side hustle as a business, and they also failed to perform any research on their choice of a side hustle. That’s right. You have to treat any side hustle that you chose to do just like you would any other business that you start up, and want to succeed at.

With any business, you have to invest start-up capital in some form. This could be as little as purchasing a domain and Webhosting service, buying ads or, It can also be an investment of your time.

When it comes to any side hustle and or business. You have to work at it and work it a lot. I have found over the years people will just dabble and then move on to the next side hustle due to the simple fact that their lack lust effort didn’t produce any results, or the results that it produced weren’t up to their expectations.

When I built 3 dropshipping sites, I didn’t see any results at all until I started working these sites. This meant I promoted them every chance I had, and kept at it. Doing this also took a lot of time and effort on my part. Only when I started working the sites, was when the sales started coming in.

When I started my KDP publishing business. I started with low-content books. I created 175 low-content books, and none sold until I started treating creating and selling these books like a business. I took the time and learned how to do keyword research for the titles, and design unique covers. I then switch to full-content books and that’s when the real money started coming in. With the low-content books. I averaged $1 per month per book. With the high-content books, though, it was a lot more work. This work resulted in a larger payday

Affiliate marketing. Did you know that 90% of the money earned from affiliate marketing is earned by the top 10%? That leaves the remaining 10% of the money to be shared by 90% of the marketers out there. You can get into the top 10% of earners, but only if you work it and work at it a lot, and time.

Blogging. You can make amazing money blogging through your website where you can combine affiliate advertising, marketing deals, AdSense revenue, and other income streams. Like everything else, it takes a lot of time and effort to create good quality content that will attract visitors to your site.

YouTube, it can take you well over a full year for you to get those 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours. Producing good quality content for your videos can take up a lot of time to create. I know I did it. Some videos would take me up to 30 hours of work time to create the content, edit, upload, and do all the backend stuff such as the thumbnails, keyword research, and writing the description. I stayed with it and I am now seeing the results, slowly. But there were many times I wanted to quit due to a lack of results

With any business. You have to do your research first before anything. You also should become an expert in the business you chose. Learn all the ins and outs of not only the day-to-day operations of your business but learn how to grow it. Starting out, you should be the business

With any business, you will only see the results you want to see if you put in the time and the work effort to make it a success. There will always be the 1 who defines all the odds and becomes an instant success overnight. I have discovered over the years that hard work does pay off. For some, it just takes longer than for others.

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