Restaurant Goes Viral for Wild List of Demands on Job Posting

Restaurant Goes Viral for Wild List of Demands on Job Posting

When it comes to working at specific establishments and in certain industries, it’s not unusual for managers to ask prospective employees to have qualifications or experience that relate directly to their business.

But one restaurant in Palm Springs, California is going viral for having an extensive list of expected dos and don’ts for servers looking to join the team — and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The ad, which was originally posted by the Tonga Hut in Palm Springs on Craigslist, started garnering attention after one TikToker posted a video upon finding the ad in a clip that’s been viewed thousands of times.

“This is the most insane ad for a server in a restaurant that I’ve ever seen and it just made my day,” the TikToker named Abbey says.

@.desertrat DONT GET LOCKED IN YOUR OWN HOUSE OR YOU WILL BE FIRED!!! #craigslist #craigslistspecial #serverlife #nobodywantstowork ♬ original sound – abbbbbey

The advertisement starts off relatively normal, requiring that those looking to apply be sober on the job, be comfortable in a fast-paced environment, have experience in the restaurant industry, be willing to work late hours, and have a reliable means of transportation as public transportation options end at 9:40 p.m.

Seems fair, right?

That’s until the TikToker breezes on to the second part of the ad where the hiring manager (who names herself as Claudia) goes into just about every possible worst-case scenario before listing her extraneous bullet points as to why someone should not apply for the position.

A screenshot of the job listing that was posted via Craigslist.

Standout reasons to skip this job application include: having a cell phone that is constantly dying without being charged, having to call out sick constantly because your grandma has poisoned you with her ham, taking weekends off if your roller derby team makes it to the finals, getting headaches from going to too many garage sales, having a house without windows to crawl out of in case you accidentally lock yourself inside, and being prone to accidentally booking flights to Las Vegas.

The job posting then closes out by maintaining that the restaurant is a “team-oriented environment” and that those with big egos, introversion, and bad attitudes shouldn’t apply.

Viewers had a field day in the comment section, noting that whoever wrote the posting clearly has seen it all when it comes to the restaurant industry.

“It sounds like that employer has heard every single one of those excuses and has a bit of trauma,” one user joked.

Others added that since the listing says that people who “have no sense of humor or can’t handle skillful sarcasm” shouldn’t apply, it’s clear the post was meant to be sarcastic in nature.

Tonga Hut did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment to clarify.

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