Meta unveils a new ad format for promotional ads

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Meta has been working on a way to allow promotional ads to have more impact on the user. By making it easier for users to use promotional ads that feature deals or offers, promotional ads should get more engagement.

The company announced that customers can now click through an in-feed ad in order to claim an offer and have it automatically be applied at the checkout. Additionally, if the user doesn’t complete the purchase, they will be given a notification on their Facebook feed that will remind them of the item and offer.

On top of this new format, an announcement by Meta included details of attempts to make promotional ads more dynamic and personalised. A new generation of tools for lead ads has been launched designed to make promotional ads more personalised for the user and allow for smoother data collection.

Lead ads will now offer question-and-answer forms that will update automatically based on how users respond, and the in-app browser will soon allow marketers to overlay Instant Forms into the results, allowing users to engage more with the business webpage and have their information automatically added to a forum on the page, pulled from Meta.

The announcement posted on Meta’s business website points out that the upcoming ad features are designed to offer the user a “more tailored discovery and consideration experience” and offer businesses aid in finding more relevant and qualified customers.

The format is to be initially rolled out in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and India.

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