Ink Ai review – $500 Pay Days Using Powerful Ai Tools To Do All The Work.

$500 daily online with out doing any work, is it legit? Find out!


$500 daily online with out doing any work, is it legit? Find out!

The world of AI has made it easier for people that are working online to be able to do difficult tasks without even breaking a sweat. There are different powerful ai that are being launched into the market like the chatgpt, google bard Ai and now I will be writing a detailed review about ink ai. If you are looking for a way to make $500 to $1000 per day online without doing the work then you need to read this article to the end because I am going to reveal a powerful ai tool that will help you achieve $500 pay days online. This has been tried by 48 beta testers and they all made money their first week using ink ai. The reason why it is almost guaranteed is because it is ink ai that will do all the work for you.

Ink Ai is a tool that will create an eBook, pdfs from a website URL, blog, a keyword ready to profit with a built-in marketplace and even syndication of the books to over 50 platforms and then profiting from it. The eBooks are 100% unique and human-like. You may never know that it is AI that wrote the book. The cool thing about this Ai Is that you can publish your product to the marketplace and make a lot of money doing that. This is the method that makes you $500 to $1000 pay days online selling eBooks that you did not create.

The knowledge industry is ever growing and the profit potentials are very high because people will people certainly pay money for what they need to know. Ink ai will be of great help for Thekthat want to write ebooks in any niches at all. The ebooks generated are 100% unique and you also have the right to sell them on whatever platform that you want to. For people that are selling ebooks to clients, amazon kdp sellers and people that in one way or the other use ebooks should get this software.

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Features pros and cons of ink ai

The built-in marketplace is one of the greatest assets inside of ink ai because you don’t need to go to other platforms to sell your ebooks created. You can sell it on the marketplace that is inside ink ai and make thousands of dollars monthly online. The ebook market is huge and you can make a lot of money online with these ebooks. The whole amazon kdp business model is built on selling ebooks and there are people on the platform making thousands into millions of dollars online selling ebooks. So, it will be wise of you to take advantage of this ai that can 10x your earnings because you won’t be writing the ebooks yourself nor will you hire a freelancer to help you write it.

You can generate ebooks using ink ai in any niche without having to write at all. In any niche and even any topics at all. Every niche that comes to mind or topic when generating this ebook is included with just a keyword or a sentence. You can get the ebook beautifully done for you and ready for making a lot of money.

You also get a free syndication to over 50 profit making platforms like amazon and others ebook selling platforms. These platforms already have an audience that only come there to purchase ebooks and other forms of digital content. This is the best traffic source because these are hot buyers that are ready to buy without hesitation. For example, Amazon is one of the largest book/ebook stores. They sell all kinds of digital products like ebooks, story books, color books, pdf, books on different topics. With the help of ink ai after generating the ebook with just one click you can syndicate this content to over 50 platforms and profit more. This won’t stop the profit that you will be getting from the marketplace.

With just your voice you can turn your thoughts to a beautifully made ebook. This is a siri like feature where you give a speech command and you will get a well written ebook ready to be launched into the marketplace. One thing about this voice to ebook feature is that it is a bit faster than typing. This part will help you add your thoughts to the ebook content.

Ink ai is very easy and simple to use with just one click your ebook will be generated quickly. Ai has made everything easy now. Before, if you wanted to write a high quality ebook you could either do that yourself or hire an expensive freelancer that will write a high quality ebook for you but, the time of ai has made it easier for anyone even beginners to write and publish ebooks online.

The content inside the ebooks are 100% human like and also unique such that if you use the same keywords and sentences to generate ebooks you will always get a unique one every time.

With the content already generated you can design the content into a flipbook with just one click. This feature is another tool that can stand on its own but, the creator of ink ai has added because it will be a very great complimentary feature.

You can also use ink ai to create story books that will sell faster. There are some people making a lot of money by uploading children’s story books on amazon. I have seen people make thousands of dollars monthly uploading story books. Ink ai can generate those story books and you can sell them for cheap on amazon and make a lot of money. For children’s story books the cheaper the price the better.

You can also create ebook covers for your ebooks created by ink ai. This powerful software has an eBook cover generator, it also has a 3d ecover generator. This eliminates the cost of hiring a designer to do the job. Infact ink ai can even get the job done better and faster than a freelancer that will charge you 100s of dollars.

This income opportunity is passive. The reason why it is passive is because month after month the income starts building slowly until it is like a snowball effect, this is when you become unstoppable and you even scale your income and earn more online. This will help you create the life you want and make a lot of money. When you use ink ai it even gets faster and easier because you don’t have to do the writing which will take a lot of your time.

For affiliate marketers you can use ink ai to create ebooks that you can sell to people. You can also use it to collect names and emails of people that are interested in a particular niche and send them over to products that will make you money.

There are also affiliate marketing products that are inside Ink ai which you can promote to people that will be reading your ebook. There is a feature that allows you to edit your ebooks and add links that will make you money. This feature is perfect for affiliate marketers.

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You will also get access to high quality detailed training by the creator himself showing you how to make money online using ink ai and how he has made thousands of dollars online selling ebooks to people that are ready to buy.

You can also get premade books inside of ink ai that you can simply upload without wasting time.

How to use Ink Ai?

When you get the software and you are logged in use any of these prompt to create ebooks; url, websites, keyword, sentences etc. you can also do it this way

Step1: go to the search bar and tell Ink ai to generate 10 ebook ideas on a certain topic like finance or any other topics.

Step 2 tell ink ai to create an ebook for each topics .

Step 3: Create a stunning ebook cover for each ebook.

Step 4 hit publish to the marketplace and syndicate it to as many platforms as possible.

Ink AI reviews and the creator.

Ink Ai is a software that every beginner trying to make money online should have because this is one of the easiest ways to make money online without doing the work. Seyi Adeleke the product creator is an internet marketing friend and he literally went from construction worker to making over $100,000 monthly. He makes a lot of money with ink ai that is why he decided to launch it to the public. This shows that this is a great product to have to make money online for yourself. Remember this opportunity is passive which means it keeps growing so get ready to scale it and make even bigger amount of money.

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