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Affiliate marketing is an incredibly broad and varied sector. Almost every industry will have affiliates promoting products for companies and spreading the word about new services, the pet industry being no exception.

Pets are our closest and most loyal companions. They stick by us through thick and thin, never complaining and always serving us as a source of comfort and happiness. The pet industry is also incredibly lucrative, so it will come as no surprise to learn that we’re seeing pet industry affiliates become more and more commonplace. Let’s take a closer look at affiliate marketing in the pet industry.

Pets and the Internet – a match made in heaven

We all love our pets, and we relish the chance to show them off to friends and family whenever we can. The internet made this easier than ever before, and today our social feeds are filled with pet pictures and videos of all kinds.

Cats, in particular, have a long and storied relationship with internet culture. Viral memes such as Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat have been global sensations, while there are innumerable cat content pages across all major social media channels.

It’s not all about cats either. Pets of all kinds from dogs to rabbits and from tortoises to goldfish see huge representation online, with some animals becoming bona fide social media celebrities and influencers.

The pet industry – facts and figures

It is estimated that approximately 33% of the world’s population are pet owners. This is an incredible number, and it will come as no surprise to learn that the pet industry is incredibly lucrative as a result.

According to research conducted by Zippia, the pet industry in the US alone is worth nearly $77 billion. Dog owners in the US spend around $1,201 per year on their dogs, with the average pet owner spending around $1,332 annually on pet-related expenses.

What are pet owners spending all this money on? Unsurprisingly, a significant portion of expenditure goes towards food. This is followed by vet bills, and then grooming products, general pet supplies, and gifts.

Turn your pet into profits

The pet care industry is fiercely competitive. In an effort to set themselves apart from rival businesses, many pet care companies have enlisted the help of the biggest pet-focused social media figures and influencers.

If you run a platform dedicated to pet care, or a social media account for your furry friend, there are fantastic opportunities available for you to profit from the internet’s insatiable appetite for pet-related content.

Major brand like PetSmart in the US and Pets at Home in the UK run their own affiliate programs, while numerous other smaller pet care companies and product manufacturers also offer similar programs.

Whether it’s pet food, grooming products, toys, or bedding, there are numerous opportunities for pet content creators to cash in on their pet’s cuteness.

Standing out as a pet industry affiliate

While the pet industry is booming and only looks set to grow further, that’s not to say making money as a pet industry affiliate marketer is easy. Competition is stiff, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd if you want to generate conversions and sales.

Whether you’re making pet videos or any other kind of content, the same general rules still apply if you want to drive engagement and interaction.

First, you need to establish and define your target audience. Building up a customer profile will help you hone the content you produce to best target this particular demographic, and you should make strategic use of different social media platforms to target different groups.

While simple videos of your pets can prove popular, if you want to truly stand out, you’re going to need to offer value to your viewers. This could be in the form of a tutorial, such as how to properly groom a dog, with an affiliate link to a grooming product included.

In doing so, you will become a trusted and valued voice of authority in the sector and will see far greater results.


Pet content is something we take for granted on the internet, you won’t have to scroll very far down your social feed to see the latest viral cat video or dog meme. However, many don’t realise just how profitable the industry is, and how many fantastic opportunities there are for affiliate marketers.

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