3 social media misconceptions to avoid

The advent of social media revolutionised the marketing and advertising world. Now, traditional channels like TV, print, and radio have fallen by the wayside, replaced by colossal digital platforms that attract billions of global users.

However, these modern platforms are still in their relative infancy and continue to see regular updates and changes. As such, it can be difficult to stay on top of how they really work, and there are several widely held misconceptions about social media marketing that can actually be detrimental to your business. We’ve listed three of the most common social media marketing misconceptions below. Read on to check them out.

Social media marketing is free

In days gone by, businesses would have to buy ad space on television, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. This was a costly process, meaning businesses had to be sure they were going to see a return on their investment.

In the early days of social media, businesses quickly came to realise that these digital channels offered them far more affordable marketing opportunities. They allowed brands to implement marketing campaigns at little to no cost, with the potential to reach massive audiences.

However, those days are largely a thing of the past. Social media companies today are well aware of the benefits they can offer businesses. While it is still possible to use these platforms free of charge, reach and impact is often limited unless businesses are willing to pay to promote their posts.

Beyond the financial implications, social media marketing also requires a significant time investment. If businesses want to run an effective campaign, they must be prepared to devote time and resources to it if they want to see success.

All platforms must be used

There are a number of different social media platforms out there today. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok remain the most popular, but there are plenty of others, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.

A commonly held social media misconception is that businesses must maintain a presence across every single available social media platform. At a glance, this makes sense. After all, surely maximising reach can only be a good thing.

The truth is that it isn’t always necessary to be present on every social media platform. Each channel will attract different user groups and demographics, so you should focus on the platforms that will give you access to your intended customer base.

Attempting to run campaigns across every platform can see your resources become stretched. This could see the quality of your campaign suffer, it’s far better to focus on a select number of platforms and ensure they are getting you results.

Content must be perfect 

Content is key on social media. Whether it’s images, videos, text posts, or audio clips, content is how you connect with your audiences and deliver your brand message to consumers.

While ensuring your messaging and tone of voice is clear and consistent, a commonly held social media misconception is that content needs to be of extremely high quality and professionally produced. This myth can see businesses overspending on content creation, paying over the odds to produce professional videos with complex editing and post-production effects.

The truth is that low-budget content can work just as well, we’ve seen countless examples over the years of simple content going viral and generating huge engagement numbers.

What’s more, today’s social media users value authenticity. Gen Z in particular looks for authenticity in the brands they use. They want to feel a connection to a business and will be put off if they feel like they are being treated like a mere number or a statistic.

Over-produced content can feel a bit cold and superficial, no different to what users would see in a TV advert. Social media channels are interactive rather than broadcast platforms, so businesses must strive to form deeper connections with consumers through authentic content that speaks directly to viewers.


For businesses today, social media is an invaluable tool that is impossible to overlook. However, these highly advanced platforms can be difficult to understand, so it’s important that businesses don’t fall into the trap of believing some of the widespread social media misconceptions. By having a true understanding of how social media and its users work and behave, you’ll be able to maximise results for your business.

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