TikTok influencers to benefit from new “Creativity Program” for more revenue

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TikTok is launching a “Creativity Program”, with selected creators testing its beta feature. It is to be released alongside the much-criticized Creator Fund, which has been known to be lacking and considered unfair.

As per TikTok: “To be eligible for the Creativity Program Beta, users will need to be at least 18 years old, meet the minimum follower and video view requirements, and have an account in good standing. To start earning, creators must create and publish high-quality, original content longer than one minute. Creators will have access to an updated dashboard to view video eligibility, estimated revenue, and video performance metrics and analytics.”

“Creators already enrolled in the TikTok Creator Fund can switch to the Creativity Program, and those that are not enrolled can apply to the new program once available. Creators currently enrolled in the TikTok Creator Fund can choose to switch to the Creativity Program Beta.”

As of yet, creators using the Creator Fund are simply taking from a pool of money that is too shallow for demand. TikTok also pointed out that this new concept isn’t supposed to re-route money from advertisements, but instead offer payouts based on “qualified views and RPM”.


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