BCA’s secret to achieving outstanding results

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Data-driven marketing strategies are at the heart of today’s business landscape, and especially so for brands who wish to stay ahead of the curve. Indonesia’s largest integrated growth agency, and digital service provider, ADA, seized this opportunity to be the enabler for companies to achieve their goals through data-driven strategies.

Boosting visitor numbers, and combating online fraud

With data at the core of its campaigns, ADA worked with BCA, one of the largest private banks in Indonesia on two separate campaigns and the collaboration produced five awards at Marketing Excellence Awards Indonesia 2022: two gold for Pivot Marketing and Brand Strategy; and three silvers for Event Marketing, Marketing Transformation, and Performance Marketing.

The BCA Expoversary campaign is BCA’s annual one-stop service event, where customers can enjoy special KPR rates (home ownership loan), KKB rates (car loans), and KSM rates (motorcycle financing) as well as various banking and financial solutions in one place.

These data-driven strategies enabled BCA Expoversary 2021 to garner an unprecedented number of visitors, despite the initial apprehension concerning the post-lockdown footfall, given the fact the prior edition was remodelled into an online event because of travel restrictions.

Surprisingly, the event recorded the highest ever number of leads, with the number of visitors double that of the 2020 edition, while BCA engaged visitors with a variety of on-ground activities that were aimed at increasing loan sign-ups.

“ADA understands the significance of this event for BCA. They advised us with their most data-driven strategies that strongly relate to our target audience,” said Norisa Saifuddin, senior vice-president of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.

“No wonder it successfully drove substantial public participation throughout the event. We were thrilled with the results that we have achieved together.”

The two companies also collaborated to create an educational campaign to address fraud. To further improve the effectiveness of their push-and-pull marketing strategy, ADA leveraged data-driven marketing to accurately target the right consumers and deliver timely and relevant messages, resulting in tangible benefits for both customers and the business.

The campaign #AwasModus successfully entered BCA customers’ minds and was able to strengthen brand loyalty in the long run. The campaign in total achieved more than 60 million total impressions, more than three million clicks on #AwasModus content, and over 23 million video views across all social media platforms.

A growth partner to achieve business goals

This year, ADA aims to sustain its position as the agency partner for businesses to grow through connected data, marketing, commerce, and customer experience. As a leading digital and data service provider in Asia, ADA is committed to helping its partners attain their objectives.

Through data-driven insights and solutions, ADA is able to address the challenges that organisations face, and create a digital ecosystem for partners’ growth.

“These awards honour some of the most important things that ADA did in 2022,” said Faradi Bachri, regional director of digital marketing performance at ADA.

It fits with ADA’s main goal of becoming a business partner that brings a growth mentality. ADA had a really good year because so many people valued its digital and performance marketing skills.

“This is due to our sincere commitment to helping businesses reach their corporate growth goals by using data in an integrated ecosystem,” Bachri said.

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