Study: 2023 Super Bowl Commercials Sparks Consumer Demand

Study: 2023 Super Bowl Commercials Sparks Consumer Demand

We see it, we like it, we want it, we buy it.

It looks like Super Bowl commercials may leave an impact on consumers for well over 30 seconds.

According to a new study by behavioral research company Veylinx, which analyzed the behavior of 1,610 U.S. consumers pre- and post-Super Bowl LVII, ads shown as this year’s big game increased product demand among viewers by 6.4%.

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Image credit: Courtesy of Veylinx

The research measured the change in demand for eight brands (Michelob Ultra, Heineken 0.0%, Hellmann’s, Downy Unstopables, Crown Royal, Frito-Lay PopCorners, Pringles, and Pepsi Zero Sugar) and found that Michelob Ultra, which aired a commercial featuring Netflix‘s new show “Full Swing” and former NFL player Tony Romo, had the highest “in demand” increase after the game at 19%.

Pepsi Zero Sugar followed behind with an 18% increase after the soda company played an ad featuring Ben Stiller. Frito-Lay PopCorners’ commercial included Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and saw a 12% demand growth, while Heineken had an 11% growth after its Super Bowl Ant-Man ad.

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The research also found that women accounted for 21% of the increased demand. Based on this survey, the ads didn’t affect men at all — they only made up 1% of the demand growth. However, women make 80% of all purchases and account for 70% to 80% of all consumer spending. Meanwhile “Gen Z viewers were largely unimpressed by the Super Bowl ads,” Veylinx noted in a press release, adding that demand decreased by 1% among 18 to 25-year-olds.

Image credit: Courtesy of Veylinx

Commercials at the 2023 Super Bowl hit a record high with a $7 million price tag for a 30-second ad.

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